Analysis & Concept


Analysis & Concept

360SPRO recognizes the paramount importance of conducting a thorough requirements analysis and conception for SAP projects as a foundational step toward achieving successful project outcomes. This systematic approach involves comprehending business needs, delineating project objectives, and defining the SAP project’s scope.


Here’s our structured approach for conducting requirements analysis and conception for SAP projects:

Initiation and Project Kickoff: Identify key stakeholders and assemble a project team comprising business analysts, SAP experts, and project managers. Conduct a project kickoff meeting to introduce the project, its objectives, and team members.

Gather Business Requirements: Engage with stakeholders, including business users, department heads, and executives, to meticulously gather detailed business requirements. Utilize methods such as interviews, workshops, surveys, and documentation review to capture comprehensive requirements.

Document Requirements: Systematically document gathered requirements using tools such as requirement documents, user stories, use cases, and process flow diagrams. Ensure clarity, completeness, and thorough documentation to serve as a robust foundation for the project.

Prioritize Requirements: Collaborate with stakeholders to prioritize requirements based on business impact, urgency, and feasibility. Categorize requirements as “must-have,” “should-have,” and “nice-to-have” to guide project scope decisions.

Define Project Scope: Clearly articulate the scope of the SAP project, outlining what the project will encompass and explicitly stating out-of-scope items. Create a scope statement that establishes the project’s boundaries and objectives.

Feasibility Assessment: Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to evaluate technical, financial, and organizational aspects of the project. Identify potential risks and challenges, developing strategies to address them and ensuring project success.

Requirements Validation: Validate requirements with stakeholders to ensure accuracy and alignment with business objectives. Resolve any discrepancies or ambiguities through discussions and clarifications.

Create a Conceptual Solution: Collaborate with SAP experts and architects to formulate a conceptual solution outlining how SAP technology and modules will address the requirements. Evaluate various design options for feasibility.

Estimate Resources and Costs: Develop resource and cost estimates based on project scope, requirements, and the conceptual solution. Include estimates for hardware, software, consulting services, and internal team resources.

Project Roadmap and Timeline: Create a high-level project roadmap detailing key milestones, deliverables, and a project timeline. Establish a project schedule considering dependencies and resource availability.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identify potential project risks and develop a risk mitigation plan. Define strategies to address risks and minimize their impact on the project.

Project Governance and Roles: Define project governance structures, including roles and responsibilities of team members and stakeholders. Establish communication protocols and reporting mechanisms.

Document the Requirements and Conception: Compile all information gathered during the requirements analysis and conception phase into a comprehensive project documentation. Ensure accessibility and understanding by all stakeholders.

Approval and Sign-Off: Present requirements, scope, conceptual solution, and the project plan to key stakeholders for review and approval. Obtain formal sign-off to proceed to the next phase of the project.

Kickoff Project Execution: Initiate the project execution phase according to the approved project plan once the requirements analysis and conception phase is complete.

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