Fiori development


Fiori Development

With the modern and ergonomic design, as well as the provision in dialogs, SAP Fiori enhances user-friendliness.

360SPRO adheres to the five design principles defined by SAP for all Fiori apps:

Role-Based: In the Launchpad, you only see the Fiori apps that you need to complete your tasks.

Responsive: The Fiori interface automatically adapts to the size and type of the output device, whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Simple: The applications are much easier to use compared to the complex transactions of the SAP GUI.

Coherent: Thanks to standardized and uniform design, you can navigate more easily and get up to speed quickly.

Appealing: The apps have an inviting appearance, and you can operate them intuitively.

Furthermore, there is a focus on role-based and context-sensitive delivery of functions, Users should not be overwhelmed with unnecessary options and should be guided through transactions in a comprehensible way.

Additionally, they receive a customizable dashboard, the SAP Fiori Launchpad, which they can assemble individually based on jump points to applications and the display of key figures. It doesn’t matter which backend is associated with each application, etc. – there is no system disruption for end-users. Due to its web browser-based deployment, SAP Fiori is cross-device, and the display is always responsive.

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