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Support Management

We offer a range of service levels to provide you with dependable and qualified IT support, ensuring swift assistance for your IT-related issues. The specific level of support you receive is determined by the complexity of your hardware or software problem or request. These support tiers are structured logically to build upon one another.

Our outstanding IT support professionals possess a unique blend of technical expertise, effective communication skills, a customer-centric approach, and the ability to adapt to various situations.

1st Level IT Support Service: This serves as your initial point of contact and acts as the Single Point of Contact in our IT Service Desk. With an impressive 85% initial resolution rate, we typically resolve most IT issues at this level. Our services encompass incident logging, categorization, consultation, and finding solutions to common IT problems and inquiries.

2nd Level: The Service Desk provides high-quality IT support services within defined timeframes as outlined in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). If we cannot resolve issues at the 1st Level, address inquiries related to specific requirements, or if a higher level of expertise is needed, these cases are elevated to specialized consultants in the 2nd Level.

3rd Level: More intricate IT problems that demand specialized technical knowledge are forwarded to our IT experts who have recognized expertise in their respective technologies and extensive experience in those domains.

Our help desk software enhances ticket resolution speed and increases the availability of IT services, contributing to a more streamlined IT department.

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